New weather station at Swampscott High to be named for education foundation president


The Swampscott Education Foundation Inc. (“SEF”) is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, dedicated to raising money and funding grants that enhance the educational experience of the students of the Swampscott public schools. There has been a community based educational foundation supporting the Swampscott schools for the past twenty years and over that time it has awarded $300,000 to grant recipients. It is the SEF’s vision to build from that base and positively impact the educational experience of every Swampscott public school pupil.


The SEF is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students of the Swampscott Public Schools by giving financial support for programs that will enrich the curriculum and provide enhancements which are beyond the normal scope of public funding. Our grant programs will support student centered projects, professional development for teachers and the increased integration of technology throughout the school system.




P.O. Box 362, Swampscott, MA 01907


There are several ways to support the SEF and its efforts. Direct monetary contributions have the greatest impact and are the backbone of SEF funding. Donations, which can be made directly through the SEF website or by contacting a board member, are tax-deductible and often augmented by corporate matches. Estate bequests and named endowments are also encouraged. Besides donations, you can also help by volunteering your time and expertise, attending fundraising events, joining the board of directors, and being a community advocate for our activities and mission. Finally, you can all share in the fruits of our success, enriched Swampscott school students.