About Swampscott Education Foundation

The SEF is an all-volunteer organization and operates independently of the school district, school board, and other educational organizations in Swampscott. Its activities and decision making are overseen by its board of directors and officers. All monies generated by donations or fund raising activities go directly to support the grant programs and are not intended to supplant or replace public funding of the schools. In addition, grant guidelines prohibit funds to go to teacher salaries, capital expenditures, maintenance or other normal school district budget items.

Our goals will be achieved by:

  • Building links among the Swampscott Public School System and government, business, and civic organizations;

  • Providing a mechanism through which community resources can be procured and allocated to enhance education;

  • Increasing community involvement with and support for the Swampscott Public School System;

  • Encouraging open communication between the community and the Swampscott Public Schools