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2014-2015 Grants Update

Thank you to the many teachers, administrators and parents who participated in our 2014-15 grants program. 2014-15 was a special year for SEF as SEF was able to fund not only grants, but two special projects to benefit the entire Swampscott community.


In total, SEF awarded approximately $24,000 in grants for the 2014-15 school year to provide enhancement to the curriculum of Swampscott schools. Click here for more detailed information on each of the 2014-15 awarded grants. SEF’s two community projects were (1) assisting the Clarke School with the longstanding drainage problems it has suffered on its school fields, by funding the installation of a French drain; (2) funding approximately $7,000 of the new high school auditorium projector, in collaboration with many Swampscott businesses including Salem Five and Uno’s.


SEF was proud this year to issue more funds in grants and special projects than it has been able to do in recent memory. Congratulations to the innovation and dedication of all of the grant applicants and community champions this year!


2013-2014 Grants Update


Thank you to everyone who submitted grants on the 2013-2104 academic year. We are pleased that we were able to fund 100% of the Microgrants and 80% of the Minigrants. No impact grants were awarded this academic cycle.


Mr. Kohut’s grant help fund the Swampscott Journalism Program, providing a digital camera & accessories and, hosting site subscription and software for publishing SHS newspaper. Mrs. Rogers and Mr Sharfenberger submitted and were awarded a grant for "The World is not Flat Geometry Unit - 7th grade." 12 Lenart Sphere sets and 4 non-Euclidean Lenart Sphere textbooks were purchased and used with great success. Gargi Cooper & Annie Pulaski (parents) applied and were given funding for the Hadley Family Non-Fiction Reading Program. Three books per class/grade for 7 months, and supplies for this at home reading program. Mr. William Chan, SHS Robotics Class and team were provided registration fee for competition and 3 cricket practice robots. Mr. Franklin was provided a digital movie camera and accessories for his Speech and Debate classes/club. Mr. Sharfenberger and Ms. Bowler’s grant allowed them to further support the STEM initiative by purchasing 11 Makey Makey kits for instrument engineering projects. Ms Camire and Mr Franklin were each provided funds to support them going to professional development conferences.


In total, just shy of $11,000 was awarded last academic year to provide enhancement to the curriculum of Swampscott schools.


2012-2013 Grants Update

Thank you to the many people who submitted grants in the 2012-2013 academic year. We are pleased that we were able to fund one Impact Grant and 100% of the Microgrants and 80% of the Minigrants submitted.


Ms. Gotlib and Mr. Jack were awarded funding to coordinate a comprehensive keyboarding curriculum at the elementary schools. Sharon LaRosa was funded to enhance the Simple Machine curriculum for all 3rd graders. Parents at Clarke and Stanley Schools received funding to implement a non-fiction shared reading program. Adam Scharfenberger secured funding for lap top carts and mobile printers for the Middle School. Ms. Baralt purchased webcams for the language lab at the High School to enable collaboration with a university in Mexico. And in ongoing news, the Outside Classroom Garden awarded to Ms. Wilbur, Mr. Bennett and Ms. Ganci at the High School continues to take shape and flourish.


In total, just shy of $15,000 was awarded last academic year to provide enhancement to the curriculum of Swampscott schools.


Grant History Five Year Overview

Within this grant history overview, you can see what programs we have funded over the past five years. It provides a detailed breakdown of the grants themselves, which schools within the district applied and received them, as well as success rates for grant approval. There is also a summary of why some grants were not funded.

Grant History Overview


Below are a few selected examples of the educational programs that you made possible by your generous donations to the Swampscott Education Foundation.

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