Professional Development Funding Program

Important Information

Swampscott Education Foundation’s Professional Development Program is intended to fund (partially or in its entirety) professional development that will improve the applicant’s professional practice, enhance student learning, and benefit the Swampscott Public Schools. SEF will pay particular attention to how the program will directly enhance student learning. Approved grants will be limited to tuition expenses or workshop fees for the instructional component of professional development. Expenses cannot include stipends or funding for degree/certificate programs; SEF will not fund any program that is required for school curriculum training. Up to $300 of the awarded money may be used to cover room and board and travel expenses.


1. Who is eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply if you are currently working in a Swampscott Public School and will be returning as a Swampscott public school highly qualified certified staff member for the following academic year.


2. What funding is available?

SEF will fund up to $800. Up to $300 may be designated to cover room and board and travel expenses.


3. What should I include in the Application?

  • Application Cover Sheet

  • 1-2 page proposal (see below)

  • A statement of support from principal, department head, curriculum leader or superintendent, including verification of your placement for the following school year.


Format of Proposal

Please submit no more than two printed pages, addressing the following questions:

  1. Describe, as specifically as possible, the course or workshop you plan to attend and the purpose of your professional development.

  2. How will the professional development program:

  3. Improve your professional practice as an educator?

  4. Enhance your curriculum and your students’ learning?

  5. Support the academic expectation of your school and/or the district?

  6. How will you share the results of your PD with principal, curriculum coordinator/ team leader, colleagues and/or others?

  7. How will you integrate what you learn into your curriculum and instruction?

  8. How much money are you requesting? Please provide a detailed budget on how the funding will be spent.

  9. Do you have any time sensitive deadlines (registration fees for example) pertaining to this request? If so, what are they?

  10. Please attach background information about courses or workshops, including time location, fees or refer to the appropriate website. Also indicate how you learned of this course or workshop.

4. How do I submit my application for the Professional Development Program?


5. What is the deadline?

Applications for funds for professional development will be accepted anytime January 1 through the third Friday in March. Upon receiving all three components required of the Professional Development Funding Program, the SEF Grants committee will review the application and applicants will be notified with a decision mid April. Please contact the SEF Grants Committee to discuss the possibility of funding professional development that isn’t compatible with this time constraint.


Deadline: Third Friday in March
Notification: Late April